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High Ridge

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High Ridge is unincorporated, despite several attempts from the 1960s forward to form a city. Northeast Jefferson County, including High Ridge, has been cited by University of Missouri geography professor emeritus Walter F. Schroeder as a "grand experiment" in governance by taxing districts, in which functions normally performed by a municipality (fire, sewer, ambulance, and water) are instead controlled by elected district trustees, with other functions (police, planning and zoning, roads, real estate matters) left to county-wide ordinance, with the tradeoff being lower taxes than an incorporated region. This "experiment" was not planned, but is a result of the reluctance of long-time residents in the face of urbanization, and the antipathy of post-WWII and post-Korea settlers against the large urban governments from which most came. (cf: county records of Jefferson County, Missouri.)


  • 2422 Taylor Rd
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